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Drive-in Bottled Gas Depot

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Come straight to 275 Old Greenfield. You can drive right into our depot. We will even load your bottled gas into your vehicle for you.

Express Bottled Gas Delivery Kildare

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If you cannot come to us we will gladly come to you. We deliver Bottled Gas within the entire Kildare area and beyond.

087 2501274 / 01 6290025


Bottled Gas Deliveries Kildare

To have your LOWEST PRICED bottled gas order delivered to anywhere in Kildare please call any of the phone numbers above.

About Bottled Gas

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There are two types of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) - Butane and Propane. Many appliances are designed to be used with either, but it is important to use the correct pressure reducing device, or regulator,as the operating pressure for the two types of gas are different. For identification Butane is supplied in yellow or blue cylinders, and Propane in red, green or grey (Patio Gas) cylinders.

The cylinders are specially made to store the fuel in its liquid state under moderate pressure. The liquid turns to gas vapour, that fills the space above the liquid. As gas is drawn off in use more liquid turns to gas to replace it. A regulator fitted in the supply line to the appliance maintains keeps the gas pressure constant as the cylinder empties – until there is no liquid left to turn to gas.

Bottled Gas Checklist

  • DO check that the gas cylinder seal is not broken or compromised before purchasing.
  • DO handle a gas cylinder with care to ensure that the valve is not damaged. Damaged valves may lead to a leak that may have very serious consequences.
  • DO use a cylinder in the upright position. Using a gas cylinder in a horizontal position may lead to liquid gas in the supply pipes with serious results.
  • DO NOT store cylinders where they would obstruct means of access, passageways, stairwells, or emergency exits.
  • DO NOT try to disconnect a regulator if the flame does not go out when the regulator switch is turned off. Leave the appliance on and call your gas supplier.
  • DO NOT subject a gas cylinder to external heat as pressure inside the cylinder could build up to a point beyond the designed safety limits for the cylinder.
  • DO NOT store or use cylinders in cellars, below ground level or near drains or gullies. Butane and Propane gases are heavier than air. In the event of a leak the gas could collect at a low level creating a potential explosion hazard.
  • DO NOT use Propane cylinders indoors as propane is maintained under higher pressure and should only be kept outside. Butane can be used indoors in cabinet heaters, and when installed to the required standard by qualified gas fitters.
  • DO NOT use cylinders in high rise apartments or flat complexes.
For Bottled Gas Deliveries in Kildare please call 087 2501274 or 01 6290025

Bottled Gas Safety

In the event of gas leak or a suspected leak please observe the following:

            • Extinguish all naked flames and ignition sources.
            • Turn off all gas appliances.
            • Do Not switch on or off any electrical equipment.
            • Open doors and windows to increase ventilation.
            • Turn off gas supply at cylinder.
            • Do not use any gas appliance until it has been made safe.
            • Never look for a leak with a naked flame

In the event of FIRE:

            • Immediately raise the alarm.
            • Do Not go near any cylinder in the vicinity of the fire.
            • Call the fire brigade immediately and inform them that LPG cylinders are on the premises.
            • Turn off the gas supply if practicable to do so.
For Bottled Gas Deliveries in Kildare please call 087 2501274 or 01 6290025

Kildare Bottled Gas Delivery Areas

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For Bottled Gas Deliveries in Kildare please call 087 2501274 or 01 6290025