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Drive-in Solid Fuel Depot

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Come straight to 275 Old Greenfield. You can drive right into our depot. We will even load your kindling into your vehicle for you.

Express Kindling Delivery Kildare

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If you cannot come to us we will gladly come to you. We deliver Kindling within the entire Kildare area and beyond.

087 2501274 / 01 6290025


Kindling / Starter Sticks Deliveries Kildare

To have your LOWEST PRICED kindling order delivered to anywhere in Kildare please call any of the phone numbers above.

Kindling / Starter Sticks

Pieces of cut kindling

Using kindling, or starter sticks, is a great way to get your fire started. Use larger sticks to build a pyramid shape. Place some dry, softwood kindling within the pyramid in the central part of the fire that ignites first and this will sustain the fire. Soft wood makes good kindling as it ignites fast and burns hot. Light a larger piece of your kindling on fire and place it in the middle of the pyramid on top of your smaller pile of kindling. The kindling should ignite quickly. Eventually, the sticks will catch fire, which causes the sticks to fall onto the initial bed of kindling. Use larger pieces of wood or small pieces of coal to gradually build the fire to the optimum size.

    For Kindling Deliveries in Kildare please call 087 2501274 or 01 6290025

    Kildare Kindling Delivery Areas

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    Kindling Delivery Enfield Kindling Delivery Kilcloon Kindling Delivery Kilcock
    Kindling Delivery Leixlip Kindling Delivery Lucan Kindling Delivery Maynooth
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    For Kindling Deliveries in Kildare please call 087 2501274 or 01 6290025