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  • Bagged Turf
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Drive-in Stove Coal Depot

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Come straight to 275 Old Greenfield. You can drive right into our coal depot. We will even load your stove coal into your vehicle for you.

Express Stove Coal Delivery Kildare

Lifting fuel in the depot for Cooker coal deliveries to Kildare

If you cannot come to us we will gladly come to you. We deliver stove coal within the entire Kildare area and beyond.

087 2501274 / 01 6290025


Stove Coal Deliveries Kildare

Note: Under the Air Pollution Act it is not permitted to deliver bituminous coal products in the Celbridge, Leixlip and Lucan areas. We can however deliver a wide range of other smokeless coals and fuels that will provide you with the warmth and atmosphere of a coal fire.

To have your LOWEST PRICED stove coal order delivered to anywhere in Kildare please call any of the phone numbers above.

About Coal

Stove coal fire

Coal is a black form of rock that is burned to produce energy in the form of heat. Coal is made of what was once living material consequently it is known as a fossil fuel. When coal is burned of coal its' fossilised energy is released providing heat for your home in Celbridge. Oil and natural gas are also fossil fuels.

There are a number of different types and grades of coal. It is graded by degrees of hardness, moisture, and heat content. Anthracite is hard coal that is almost pure carbon, and contains the highest British Thermal Unit (BTU) content. BTU is the measurement of energy that is needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. Bituminous coal is soft coal and it is the most common type that is used to generate electricity. The softest coal is Lignite and it has the highest moisture content.

Kildare Stove Coal Delivery Areas

Smokeless Coal Celbridge Coal Clane Coal Donadea
Coal Enfield Coal Kilcloon Coal Kilcock
Smokeless Coal Leixlip Smokeless Coal Lucan Coal Maynooth
Coal Mulhussey Coal Rathcoffey Coal Straffan

Kildare Grade A Anthracite Delivery Areas

Anthracite Delivery Celbridge Grade A Anthracite Delivery Clane Anthracite Delivery Donadea
Anthracite Delivery Enfield Anthracite Delivery Kilcloon Anthracite Delivery Kilcock
Grade A Anthracite Delivery Leixlip Anthracite Delivery Lucan Grade A Anthracite Delivery Maynooth
Grade A Anthracite Delivery Mulhussey Grade A Anthracite Delivery Rathcoffey Grade A Anthracite Delivery Straffan

Kildare Cooker Coal Delivery Areas

Cooker Coal Delivery Celbridge Cooker Coal Delivery Clane Cooker Coal Delivery Donadea
Cooker Coal Delivery Enfield Cooker Coal Delivery Kilcloon Cooker Coal Delivery Kilcock
Cooker Coal Delivery Leixlip Cooker Coal Delivery Lucan Cooker Coal Delivery Maynooth
Cooker Coal Delivery Mulhussey Cooker Coal Delivery Rathcoffey Cooker Coal Delivery Straffan

Kildare Open Fire Coal Delivery Areas

Open Fire Coal Delivery Celbridge Open Fire Coal Delivery Clane Open Fire Coal Delivery Donadea
Open Fire Coal Delivery Enfield Open Fire Coal Delivery Kilcloon Open Fire Coal Delivery Kilcock
Open Fire Coal Delivery Leixlip Open Fire Coal Delivery Lucan Open Fire Coal Delivery Maynooth
Open Fire Coal Delivery Mulhussey Open Fire Coal Delivery Rathcoffey Open Fire Coal Delivery Straffan

Kildare Polish Coal Delivery Areas

Polish Coal Delivery Maynooth Polish Coal Delivery Clane Polish Coal Delivery Donadea
Polish Coal Delivery Enfield Polish Coal Delivery Kilcloon Polish Coal Delivery Kilcock
Polish Coal Delivery Mulhussey Polish Coal Delivery Rathcoffey Polish Coal Delivery Straffan

Kildare Singles Delivery Areas

Singles Delivery Maynooth Singles Delivery Clane Singles Delivery Donadea
Singles Delivery Enfield Singles Delivery Kilcloon Singles Delivery Kilcock
Singles Delivery Mulhussey Singles Delivery Rathcoffey Singles Delivery Straffan

Kildare Slack Delivery Areas

Slack Delivery Maynooth Slack Delivery Clane Slack Delivery Donadea
Slack Delivery Enfield Slack Delivery Kilcloon Slack Delivery Kilcock
Slack Delivery Mulhussey Slack Delivery Rathcoffey Slack Delivery Straffan

Kildare Smokeless Coal Delivery Areas

Smokeless Coal Delivery Celbridge Smokeless Coal Delivery Clane Smokeless Coal Delivery Donadea
Smokeless Coal Delivery Enfield Smokeless Coal Delivery Kilcloon Smokeless Coal Delivery Kilcock
Smokeless Coal Delivery Leixlip Smokeless Coal Delivery Lucan Smokeless Coal Delivery Maynooth
Smokeless Coal Delivery Mulhussey Smokeless Coal Delivery Rathcoffey Smokeless Coal Delivery Straffan

Kildare Stove Coal Delivery Areas

Stove Coal Delivery Celbridge Stove Coal Delivery Clane Stove Coal Delivery Donadea
Stove Coal Delivery Enfield Stove Coal Delivery Kilcloon Stove Coal Delivery Kilcock
Stove Coal Delivery Leixlip Stove Coal Delivery Lucan Stove Coal Delivery Maynooth
Stove Coal Delivery Mulhussey Stove Coal Delivery Rathcoffey Stove Coal Delivery Straffan

Kildare Union Nugget Delivery Areas

Union Nugget Delivery Celbridge Union Nugget Delivery Clane Union Nugget Delivery Donadea
Union Nugget Delivery Enfield Union Nugget Delivery Kilcloon Union Nugget Delivery Kilcock
Union Nugget Delivery Leixlip Union Nugget Delivery Lucan Union Nugget Delivery Maynooth
Union Nugget Delivery Mulhussey Union Nugget Delivery Rathcoffey Union Nugget Delivery Straffan