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Drive-in Turf Depot

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Come straight to 275 Old Greenfield. You can drive right into our depot. We will even load your turf into your vehicle for you.

Express Turf Delivery Kildare

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If you cannot come to us we will gladly come to you. We deliver Turf within the entire Kildare area and beyond.

087 2501274 / 01 6290025


Turf Deliveries Kildare

To have your LOWEST PRICED turf order delivered to anywhere in Kildare please call any of the phone numbers above.

About Turf as a Fuel

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Turf (peat) is an aggregation of partially decayed vegetable matter. One of the most common components of turf is sphagnum moss, although the remains of many other plants are frequently present. Turf forms in wet soil conditions, where flooding prevents the flow of oxygen from the atmosphere thereby slowing the rate of decomposition.

In Ireland bogs are the most important source of turf but other less common wetland types also deposit peat, including fens and peat swamp forests. Landscapes covered in peat also have specific kinds of plants, particularly sphagnum moss, heather-like plants, and sedges. Since organic matter, that comprises turf, accumulates over thousands of years, peat bogs also provide records of past vegetation and climates stored in plant remains, and in particular pollen. This allows us to accurately reconstruct past environments and changes in land use by people in the past.

Turf is harvested as an important source of fuel in certain parts of the world, including Ireland. By volume, there are about 4 trillion m³ of peat turf in the world covering a total of around two per cent of global land area, containing about eight billion terajoules of energy.

Bord na Mona is responsible for peat production from Irish bogs. The company was originally established in 1933 as the Turf Development Board, Limited, to manage this relatively plentiful natural resource. During World War II it was necessary to stockpile peat as a fuel, as coal was in short supply; this cemented the drive for mechanised peat harvesting.

    For Turf Deliveries in Kildare please call 087 2501274 or 01 6290025

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    For Turf Deliveries in Kildare please call 087 2501274 or 01 6290025